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    Heroes of Ruin is 1 week away from being released on 3DS. It has online play with voice chat communication. If you would like to join our group "Secret Gaming Society" Please PM me and get setup for what I think is going to be a pretty nice ride until the next PSO comes out. If interested PM me please I will kick you an invite so far we have about 10 people with 3DS's who will be joining.

    Amazon is doing a 10.00 dollar discount pre buy sell on the game if you own a 3DS get the game for 29.99 at amazon

    Level 93 Humar-Winders **Retired**
    Level 100 Ramar-Rick Hunter **Retired**
    Level 100 Fomar-Windancer **Retired**

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    Sounds like fun! When I get the game, I will repost!

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