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    Post Finds/Accomplishment Thread

    I figured since no one else created one I figured I would you can post any find or accomplishments that you have achieved in PSO2.
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    lol good idea but drop rates are tough.

    saving this for future
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    Ok so far.
    Hit lvl 40
    Found 9 star rifle times 2
    Found a red box of cards
    found the tails card rare
    found 3 zanbas one as a red box
    Found daylight scar as a box times 3
    found two different types of gunslash rares both boxes
    And finally i managed to complete the first matter board.
    That takes dedication lol

    EDIT: almost forgot i got my daylight scar to plus 10. And found all the rare units for range def
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    who am i....? *tosses card to* find out.

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    My only achievement is finding 2 Talis Legacies in one city run.

    Now I have 5. I also have 4 of those "rare" gunslashes.

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    Nice to see this thread finally return, but with PSO2's droprates updates might be slower than other games.

    So far since Open Beta all I've found is 4-5 of the 7* Gunslash (the golden one with the twin blades that flick out) and a 7* card.

    Today I did manage to get Poison III on a Wired Lance though, despite it being a 25% success rate. As if Caterdran wasn't easy enough already

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    Let's see... Besides the 7* Gunslash and 4*/5* items, probably the coolest thing that I've found is the dragon head furniture item. I was excited about that, though I dunno how rare it actually is. Oh, and I've found the 7* Talis that shoots feathers. Other than that, nothing too special from enemy drops. I did get one of those blue parrot things from the FUN scratch! Now, if only I had a room to put all this stuff in...
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    Playing hunter, my rares so far:
    6x talis
    5x gunblade
    3x rifle
    1x launcher
    2x swords
    1x wirelance

    These drops aren't at all skewed...

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    Nothing special:
    2x all star riffle
    1x rappy launcher
    1x rare sword worth 150k
    1x rare cards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leman View Post
    Nothing special:
    2x all star riffle
    1x rappy launcher
    1x rare sword worth 150k
    1x rare cards
    what does the x1 look like?

    Bunch of materials to sell to NPC!
    and I hit level 13 yesterday!

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    I don't even see one of these on the wiki, forces finally have a unique armor!!!

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