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    Thanks for this post guys!

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    A real live woodchuck/groundhog appeaed UP-CLOSE at the edge of the woods yesterday!!

    Even if it might seem silly to get excited by a woodchuck, this was the first time in YEARS that a "new" animal crossed my path!

    It was a really nice surprise to encounter something unfamiliar.

    This area does have pretty good biodiversity, but that ambling land-beaver was totally unexpected amongst all the other animal activity.

    Lots of chipmunks, bluejays, woodpeckers, carpenter ants, mosquitoes, squirrels.
    Some cardinals, a few bunnies, a centipede, a garter-snake.

    That garter snake was a pleasant appearance too.
    Snakes are infrequent and I always appreciate their presence.

    And there's certainly other creatures I'm forgetting at the moment.
    (But hopefully no one feels left out just because I'm extra-perked up by the woodchuck!!)

    Never-the-less, this was a "cool" occurance and it felt worthwhile to share a smidge of that humble happiness.

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