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    Cool Arrival at Pso World Imminent

    About time I stopped just learning here and started interacting a little.

    I have been playing PSO for around four years or so, and PS0 for about two. To my eternal misery, I have never had the chance to play either game online, a factthat I hope to change either with PS0 players here or with PSO2 when it arrives here in the states.

    Dispite not having played online I still enjoy both game immensely. After years of trial and error, I find myself suited as a Hunter most of the time, and due to prefering built in trap vision and high HP/ATP of the CAST race, HUcast seems to be my favorite character to play as in either game, though the first class I was ever any good as was HUmar (named Sephiroth)

    I hope to benifit from the rich knowlage here and to possibly contribute back in some manner as well, regardless of the fact that my MAG has a higher IQ then me.

    Sorry for the possible wall of text, and once again, Greetings to all here on PSO World.

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    Thank you kindly good sir/madame. I shall read through the rules and I certainly hope to have fun!

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    Lol welcome dude uv missed out on alot with no online play then again maybe not much for PSO due to hackers. Anyway glad u joined us XD
    who am i....? *tosses card to* find out.

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    Thanks. I have heard that PSO had some trouble with hackers, but from the way you worded it, I guess I must not know the half of it.

    Still got some nice stuff offline though. My HUmar proudly weilds an Orochi Agito, Or Orotiagito as the game dicided to shorten it. My Mag is a Rati, like my picture and thus these help make the guy look like his namesake, Sephiroth.

    and I am playing though SH ET on PS0 even as I type this.

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