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    How do you download new quest when there is nothing to save them to? Getting them seems easy but where are they put? Onto your VMU? Besides these technical questions im exstatic that they have desided to make more quest, even though I've yet to play the game. If I new were they are saved to I could wonder/think/guesse how many more quest they can make avialable. Your going to iventually run out of space.

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    Your VMU, we don't know how much space they will take

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    Where do you go to d/l new quest is it japanese or english site, and if it is japanese site where exactly on site do u go??


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    I am thinking may be these so-call "downloadable quests" are already on the disc. And they are unlocked by downloading a file onto the VMU. Does anybody thinks that way too?

    There is just no way they can fit all the data into a tiny little VMU....

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    It may be that the actual info is stored on the disk. Liek this parameter, and this parameter. All that would be needed on the VMU is the code to locate them and arrange them into what order you wanted them in. Maybe some textual stuff, but that could also be arranged in some from on the disc.

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    I can't figure out how to _get_ the new quests. In the guild, I select Download Quest and it says "No Data".. The instruction booklet says that you should see a download option on the ship select screen, but I see none. What am I missing?


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    Uh, that's for quests that you have already downloaded.

    To actually download them, you have to go online and the selection will be right under "Ship Select".......when the downloadable quests become available, which they aren't, but I hear part of the reasons the servers went down is to add those one! So take heart!

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    they've already added teh two new quests. ig you still don't see the download quest option by now ... then that means either sega's going to release them later or the quests are exclusively for the jp players. either way we're screwed

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    I saw a Japanese PSO site already have the guild for the new quests..... Give me a few minutes, I'll find that site and translate it to you guys TO READ( not to play ^_^)

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    When they are availble for us they will be on the login screen where the ship select is. I assume. I think that is what I have heard though.

    Once you complete your quest you can always delete it. I wouldn't think you would need a blank VMU i would imagine they would be like 30-50 blocks.

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