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    Exclamation PSO2 help PLEASE

    Hey Guys, I've already patched the game, but when I closed the game and start to play the PSO2 game again, the patch goes back from the beginning :'( can you help me please?

    Come on guys this is urgent, Im wasting my time patching the game for 4 hours...
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    Its still patching.... you need to let it be overnight if this is the first patch. That patch is something like 4 GB. Sorry.

    If you go to you can download a prepatched version under guides.
    If anyone needs help on PC hardware, building a computer, parts/pricing recommendation for PSO-2 please go to this thread:

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    That prepatched version has a broken link.
    You're kinda stuck with using the launcher. Let everything patch *completely* before applying anything else to make it better for ya.

    I did a search for a translation of the Japanese Launcher and found this link.
    It has PhotoShopped pictures showing what each option would be in English.
    Hope that helps ya with setting up stuff.

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