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    That's my point, it makes no sense. Gear = damage. Especially since it depletes rapidly you get more damage from filling it as fast as possible.
    the idea that one mob = max gear or anything even remotely close is total nonsense tbh.
    Hell, without showtime it can take up to 90 chain hits to max gear.

    It's not like no one cares about mobbing dps or like there are no situations with only bosses and no mobs. Though tbh I dunno why mobs matter at all in this case, I don't know of any mechanics that refill gear faster if you kill a mob or something.

    And in the first place the difference between max gear at 7 bars and 2-6 bars is 20% so unless you are at full gear you lose a ton of damage and not just proportionally a little bit.
    Without Showtime at lvl 10 you substantially decrease the chances of reaching 7 gear bars and staying there for the duration of your pas and are a lot more likely to just stay at 2-6 gear bars getting at most the 10% gear damage buff instead of the 30% one.

    It's very basic math, it's just that the exact numbers depend on a number of other factors as well so no one really quantified gear importance like dpp or something.

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    Well, MessiahTime is there if you're not in the middle of Chain .... so, there's that.
    Point blank / inside a boss = guaranteed max gear (even on Lv2). I think they gave MessiahTime extra gear gain when hitting boss.

    Though if in Chain, people can also normal attack (or somewhat risky MessiahTime, or no risk for some bosses) other part of the boss between Chain building ..... since that time limit buff before Chain disappear enabled that _(:3」
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    Yeah, well you are besides the point.
    Both have the same effect with or without maxed showtime, you just get gear even faster with maxed showtime and it's not like gear is easy enough to get for showtime gear rise buff to be irrelevant, gear takes some time to max and depletes rapidly even if you don't get hit and obviously faster if you do get hit, so no matter what why not raise your dps with such an easy method?

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