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    Default Errors while trying to play PSO2? Help!

    So when I start up the launcher, I get this error code before anything even loads up. (Error 105! Sorry. It's a little hard to read)

    Then I try to click the file check button to update, and I get this error code (Error 103) within 10 seconds. The blue bars don't even change. I've disabled my firewall and antivirus but that didn't change anything.

    Any help would be much appreciated.
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    I found the fix. I was being IP blocked. If you're being IP blocked, you won't be able to download the downloader from the main PSO2 website ( and get error codes when you try to launch the game. I downloaded a VPN called hotspot shield and let me launch the game and update it without any issues. Once the game starts, you can disable HSS and play with your normal internet connection although you may have to disable your firewall or antivirus (or both :P).

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    Why are you IP blocked? Do you live in China? Did you get busted for hacking?
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    Dunno :/. Something with my ISP.

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    OMFG The exact thing is happening to me right now! I can't even start the game client! I keep getting this 105 error!! GOD DAMMITTT WHY ME!?

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