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    Oh man. I was just playing "The Fake In Yellow" quest on normal mode with my 39 HUnewearal (wanted to play the GBA Minigame). As you all know you are bambarder with waves of Rag Rappys (which are obviously easy at my level on normal). Anyway, in one of the rooms near the middle o the quest 6 Rappys come at you from different derictions. So I though to myself "I think I'll Have Some Fun with rafoie!". Unfortunately I waited way to long to cast it and they all started pecking at me. Now first think I try to do is step out of this pile of Rag Rappys but because they have surrounded me I cannot move. So naturaly I try to attack them with my Booma Claw, but before I can even lift my hand into the air to attack their constant pecking requires me to block. Starting to panic I go into my Technique menu and try to cast Ryuker, but once again the constant pecking wont give me enough time to cast. I was stuck for about 5 minutes before I finaly found an opening in thier attack when they all tried to peck me at the same time. I took that moment to attack and the reduced frequancies of pecks alowed me to kill them one by one.

    Lesson: Dont Underestimate Rag Rappys!

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    hahahaha, that sucks, those damn rappies, you never know what to expect.

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    Had that happen to me as well. My evasion was high enough so that they weren't doing damage. I had to quit and start over 'cause I couldn't move and couldn't die. =/

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    When Rappies -- doesn't matter what difficulty -- surround and peck the hell out of you, you won't be able to do much. To escape out of it, pull out your item list and use a telepipe. Don't use techniques as they take way too long to cast, and the constant pecking won't help.

    - dys

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    Ever since I learned Ryuker I have thought of Telepipes as obsolete, I guess this is one situation where they arent. Maybe I should of tried to unequip all my stuff including my mag to see if they could could damage me then.

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    I had that happen to me. That's so embarrassing. I go for quest rappy, the other rappys dropped, and I saw an Al Rappy, so, rabidly, I went for it, forgetting the others.... and well, I killed the Al, right as the other rappys came in and surrounded me.... I tried to swipe, no avail, tried to pipe, but didn't have any TPs. I was pretty well screwed. I didn't think to quit and restart, though, so I just watched in horror of the 5 minutes of "block, block, block, tap, block, block, block, tap" until my character was dead....

    Rappy's must die!

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    Wow, I'm kinda surprised how many people have had similar problems with the Rappys. I dont want even know what will happen in Ultimate with the Rappys.

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    Well you might have been trying it out for the first time or something. I shy away from the claw series for reasons like this but I don't have that experience of getting stuck in Rappy Happy time like you did.

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    i had that happen 2 me b4 sucked soooooooo much

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    Right now I'm playing offline and am having a tough time locating rare weapons. I missed the quest rares like the Soul Eater as well so this will have to do for now.

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