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    Default Ghost or EasterEgg Whatever... i don't know

    Hi, I was wondering... i may have found an EasterEgg in PSO2, i'm not quite sure... this is a big comunity of Phantasy Star Online 2 so maybe someone can tell me more about this strange "glitch" (let's call it "Glitch" for now)

    Here's the thing:
    Yesterday, around 1am (GMT+1) i was playing in B-32, in the first room of V.Cave Exploration... I was the only one left in that map (checked on the "nearest character" option) with 1 NPC
    During a change-over of an Attack Code against 4 Breeahda (and this is wierd 'cause usually there are 2 Breeahda when you're alone) i see an NPC appear, called Hoey (or it was Haoy, Huey, i don't know, something like this) i checked again for near player but no one was there... there was just me, my NPC (from a friend card) and this other NPC attacking the Breeahda with me (lot's of damage for an NPC by the way, with regular 3* weapon) after the Code he disappear... during all of this no other players was in the map (before, during and after, always alone)

    I searched for every combination in the "Arks search" (at the visiphone) for this strange character but i found nothing... every combination of H**y (with a/o/e/u in the middle, 12 of them) there's no character with such name in the game...
    Looking on Google i found nothing, nor in other places.

    I think this might be the joke of a team member, who puts his avatar as NPC that randomly spawn to help you... this might be cool, but i still know nothing for sure

    Can someone of you help me to get this thing clear?
    Surely there are EasterEggs in this game (like in every other game knowned since Adventure for the 5200 cames out) this may be one of them!!

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    This is nothing new. Occasionally you'll have Code:attacks with a random Arks NPC that you'll need to keep alive. The extra npc will boost the amount of enemies that spawn due to there being more 'players' when the code starts and they'll leave when things finish.
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    Watch the movie tablets and eventually you'll see Huey. He's the Arks member who's always yelling to show he's energetic and just wants to help people in trouble... though half the time he scares them off with his yelling instead.

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    No no no!! this is not the case!! it was a simple EC-Attack, with no NPC to protect... there was no LifeBar on this NPC, nor under the Radar-Map (where the game gives you the count of kill you've to do) it was an NPC from nowhere, it was not related to the ECin that way (i've played planty of EC like you said, i can tell the difference XD)
    it was something different... i can't tell you how :\

    Aaah and... No, i saw that NPC called "Huey" it was not him!
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    A screenshot would be a GREAT help.

    That is if you remembered to take some.

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    i know!! damnit!! >.< i forgot about it... i was more concerned in searching for other players to join... and the sight of that NPC made me hope... so i was really looking fo other players... i could not imagine there was no real player guiding that NPC XD 'cause it wasn't one of the regular, it was clearly a Friend Card's NPC...

    Anyway... if someone else experienced or will experience this tell me!! XD i want to learn more about this odd thing

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    hmmm could it just be you just misread the name of that NPC? Also mind giving me a better description of the npc other the one you gave before. One more thing take screenshot of the area where it happened. Reason why I asking this I want to debunk this as soon as possible. Also why this subject so similar to herobrine creepy pastas i been reading? the player is by themselves on a map, a other avatar shows up but when the player checks it shows that they only ones there.
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    It's ヒューイ or Huey.

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    Huey is one of many NPCs that doesn't give client orders or (seemingly) appear anywhere in the lobby/shopping areas, but sometimes shows up in event tablets or random code: whatevers.

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