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    Default PSOW 2013 RL image/video thread

    you know what you must do. But don't forget your memories

    "It looks cool this way, let's stop."

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    I'll start this puppy off with... A video!

    "Brotherhood asked for no friendship, only loyalty. They stood back to back as the galaxy burned - always brothers, never friends; traitors together unto the last."

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    From the Nike Women's Marathon with current Olympians Gold Medalist Allyson Felix, Shalane Flanagan, Kara Goucher, and legend Joan Samuelson

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    Somewhere out there.


    Happy 2013 PSO-W Looking forward to the next big ps game to hit the states!!!!

    Face shot of the mods not so favorite drunkard lol

    Secret at work facebook shot

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    A picture thread..?

    My boyfriend and I.

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    my proof of magfest existence:

    "It looks cool this way, let's stop."

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    That town with people in it and a Latino's strong arms.


    Still existing in the lit part.
    Ship 2, Ariel/Braver/Cast
    Thank you for dragging on a game that has died years ago and still having a forum based around it.

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    Doing Live Coverage for E-Sports (League of Legends). Sitting down here with the top laner of Curse Gaming "Voyboy." readying for an interview.

    #1 International MAG+ TA Champion in PSU. Co-Founder of Royalz

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