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    Default Episode 3 Title Background Text


    As you may or may not know, there is some background text on the start screen of Episode 3. This text shows up if you hit the start button, or, if you don't hit the start button, when the music goes completely instrumental. See here:

    I was wondering if anyone can read this text from the background of the start screen:

    Here's what I have:

    I received ____ that ___ ________ ____ ___ ____
    ______ _________ __ the _______ ______
    to the ______ river of Ragol ---- ----
    _____ ____ __________
    I ______ to _____
    ______ my responsibility to my ship, my people
    In _____ my ______ I left for Ragol
    _________ _______ ______ I _______ the_
    I f____________ searched for ______
    Then while in battle ____ ______ ______
    A blast of light c______ me
    I watched __ _____
    ___ the creatures ____ for their lives
    My body (baby?) started to _______ ______
    And now ____ my ____ ______
    S_____ _____ has started to ___t at my body
    I __ __ _____ what I ____ ___
    St___ I ___ __ ______ on t___ __ I ___ you
    ____ my ____ ____ ___ tell
    _____ ___ __ _____ ___ that I love them

    Any guesses, anything is helpful.

    Reference PSO Alphabet:
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    I might be able to get a clearer/possibly larger image of it through other means tonight after work to see if that helps. If I can, I'll post the pic unless someone beats me to it lol. BTW, I think the third word is "news".

    Third line:

    To the underground river of Ragol

    I think fifth word is "my" and sixth word is "daughter". Seventh word I think is her name which someone familiar with Ep. 3 might be able to help with.)

    **UPDATE** Ok, so I downloaded Ep.3 and I can view most of the files, but I can't seem to find the file that shows that image. I can find all of the char, bosses, items, textures, fonts etc. files, but so far haven't seen that one. I also have all of the movies extracted so I can try taking a screenshot of it, but the text runs during the opening scene and its harder to read than the straight image file you posted. Any idea which file to check out for that image?
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    This was a texture dump from Dolphin. I know I've seen the raw texture on the disc as well. It was on my list of things to do today, but I ran out of time myself. I'll see what I can do tomorrow.

    Also, I was surprised I couldn't bump up the resolution of the texture dump in Dolphin. How strange. I'm sure the direct from disc file would help.

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    Ahhhhhh, ok I found the file using the texture dump also, but still haven't been able to find it on the disc yet. Here is what I've come up with so far: (I think I have most of it except for the daughter's name.)

    **UPDATE** I believe the daughter's name is Rico and that this is Tyrell's message. If this is already common knowledge, then my apologies as I never really played Ep.3 or got into any of the plot. Also at the end, is it hinting that Tyrell and Irene were lovers??? And that she was pregnant with his son???

    I received news that my daughter Rico was lost

    almost certainly by the monsters lurking

    in the underground ruins of Ragol

    After much contemplation

    I decided to leave

    behind my responsibility to my ship, my people.

    To save my daughter I left for Ragol.

    Defeating monsters as I encountered them

    I frantically searched for Rico

    Then while in battle with several enemies

    A blast of light engulfed me

    I watched in silence

    as the creatures ran for their lives

    my body started to slowly disintegrate

    And now only my soul remains

    Some entity has started to eat away at my body

    I am no longer what I once was.

    Since I can no longer do this so I ask of you

    save my daughter Rico and tell

    Irene and my unborn son that I love them.

    I made/used this to help with the translation. Also, in the Reference PSO Alphabet image that you linked to, I believe the second set of alphabet letters most closely resembled what was in the texture file. The letter "I" for instance has the small line jutting out horizontally at the bottom and the second set of letters in the image is the only place you see that and it is like that for several of the letters.

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    Oh, wow! I can't believe that we never really looked into this when the game was in its "prime".

    Story wise, that is extremely fascinating.

    I'm working on a project right now surrounding this. Remembering only a few details from Episode 3's plot, Tyrell was replaced by Dol Grisen. The reason was never really given, only that he was obsessed over his daughter. Because of the lack of information, there was speculation that "Red" might be Principal Tyrell.

    Red had something to do with the two "daughters" (aka. clones) in Episode 3, which eventually became Pollux and Castor.

    This is super interesting. Thank you for your translation - I'll run over it a few times just to check, but that looks pretty spot on.

    EDIT: As for the PSO 'alphabet', there may have been some room for Episode 3's artists to change and stylize the fonts up a slight bit. In PSO's timeline, this game happened '"nearly 21 years" after the events of Episode 1.
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    This is truely fascinating. I have a lot of detailed Episode 3 Story notes, and Tyrel's fate was very much a mystery. I am one of the people that proposed that Red might have been Tyrel. But this makes it look like Tyrel is yet another victim of Ragol.

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    Wow..... I played this game a long time and I failed to ever give this any kind of attention or even notice it really.. Thanks for sharing and translating this.
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