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    Default Can Story Missions in Ambition of the Illuminus Be Repeated?

    title says it all.

    i was watching somebody playing AotI online and when they opened up the menu for story missions at Guardian HQ on the colony, the story mission he had just completed was still listed.

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    I think so, not fully sure, you could online not sure about offline tho.

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    Yeah, I had it on PS2 and played offline and I used to run the last story mission over and over to get really good Class XP, I think you just go to the Guardians HQ on the Guardians Colony. They should be available in a bunch of different rank difficulties.

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    What those story missions are, are for episode 2. Episode 1 and 2 can be played on their respective disks on the PS2.
    Episode 3 was online only, meaning it's lost forever

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