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    Default PSO2 Tweaker - Various enhancements


    - Install PSO2 without needing any other programs
    - RESUME failed patch jobs (disconnected, crash, etc) without rechecking all the files
    - Uninstall patches in minutes, rather then doing a 2-hour file check to fix compatibility issues.
    - Supports the Item Translation patch!
    - Change "Hidden" PSO2 Settings - Like making the Interface completely invisible all the time!
    - Diagnose Connection Errors and see if you have issues connecting
    - Modify PSO2 Settings (graphics, shaders, etc)
    - Automatically download and apply updates after updating PSO2
    - Automatically check for (and install!) updates to the EN patch/Large Files/story patch/JP names/JP Trials/PSO2 itself!
    - Update PSO2 faster then SEGA's official launcher
    - Supports creating (and restoring) a backup for said patches, in case they don't work correctly/you wish to remove them without patching
    - Support for installing (and removing via backup) the new Russian PSO2 patch!
    - Automatic (optional) updates, including changelog
    - Extremely customizable GUI
    - Ability to check for missing files and download them if necessary, instead of spending 30 minutes to find 1 file you're missing.
    - Fix known GameGuard issues
    - If the program encounters an error, it will offer to upload the log for you so you can just copy/paste the URL here for much easier troubleshooting
    - Ability to remove/restore the in-game censor (CLIENT SIDE)
    - Ability to disable/re-enable the playback of the opening videos
    - Launch PSO2 directly instead of through the JP launcher, saving time and resources



    See my signature, the picture underneath this post. Click where it says "PSO2 Tweaker".

    You will also need the .NET framework - You can get it here:

    For Windows XP SP3 users, download this .NET framework:



    Q: It keeps telling me to update a patch, even though I installed the latest one outside of the Tweaker!?

    A: Go to the options menu and select the version of the patch you installed from the Override dropdown boxes

    Q: Disabling the opening videos!? What do you mean!?

    A: This removes the videos, so that PSO2 instead displays a black screen. I've noticed that when starting PSO2, it takes way more memory than it should to load the opening video - This disables it, so when it loads, just click 4 times (one click per disabled video) to get to the title screen. MUCH faster, and TBH, it seems like the game performs better as well. (Perhaps the movie isn't unloaded correctly from memory normally?)

    Q: My game locks up before loading the Title Screen!

    A: Try restoring the intros - This happens sometimes, and I'm going to blame it on SEGA's shitty coding.


    A: Some people wanted this, some people are not tech-savy enough to mess with the data folder. Open this after every patch, check mark the boxes, apply and close. Bam!



    As with any patch/modification/simply connecting to the server, there is no guarantee you will not get banned using this tool or the patches contained herein. You use this tool at your own risk, and as-is. Neither this tool, Arks-Layer, or PSOW or any affiliates are at fault if you do get banned. Thank you.


    - Any other features you want, ask!



    The Redeemer - For showing me how to pull SEGA's secret ninja patchlists <3~
    Gama - For extensive testing
    Cyberman - For extensive testing
    Agrajag - For helping with getting PSO2 to launch post Episode 2!
    Raven0123 - For helping with getting PSO2 to launch post Episode 2!/ For their work on the PSO2 Item Translation Project!
    Variant - For helping with getting PSO2 to launch post Episode 2!/For their work on the PSO2 Item Translation Project!
    arcnmx - For their work on the PSO2 Item Translation Project!



    - Fixed an issue where the sidebar would load even if disabled
    - Fixed an issue with auto-removing the censor
    - Fixed an issue with the pastebin upload being enabled even if disabled (in rare cases)
    - Fixed various issues in the "-item" and "-pso2" flags
    - Changed the "Main update server check failed" message
    - Rewrote some more code, added more multi-threading
    - Rewrote some startup code, it should be a bit faster starting up now
    - It should no longer sit at "Checking for PSO2 Updates" forever, only about 10 seconds at max

    - Added a PSO2 Server status indicator (Thanks for your help, Andrew!)

    - Added the ability to turn on logging with the item patch (Please only turn this on when asked to!)
    - Added exception catching to webpage calls
    - Added a new Donation Links menu, includes links for Bumped, Cirnopedia, Tweaker, and PSO2 EN Patch host


    - Added multiple checks to catch errors related to downloads. For example, if the Tweaker update server goes down, the program will now try to contact a secondary server, and failing that, continue as normal, instead of breaking. Also, if the PSO2 EN patches are not downloaded correctly, it will not apply them.
    - Fixed the link for the PSO2 Russian patch
    - Added a link to the Symbol Art Editor (English Version) in the web links
    - Added a link to getting PSO2 to work in Linux in the web links

    Missed a few changelogs, sorry! Basically, I fixed stuff. <3


    - ( Fixed the "Yo!" msg
    - ( Added the ability to disable pre-downloaded RAR dialogs in the options menu, as requested

    - Due to popular demand, added a donation link in the Web Links menu, along with fixing the Cirnopedia link
    - Added the ability to download and install the story patch through the Tweaker
    - Added "Clear Symbol Art Cache" under "Other Tasks"
    - Tweaker will now detect if it's in the download folder, and inform you it should be moved
    - Added the ability to turn logging on and off for the item translation through "Configure Item Translation"
    - Added support for French, German, and Russian languages in the Options menu. (Not everything is translated, it will be a rolling update)

    Click to see the rest of the changelog:



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    So how would I go about getting it Aida? :P

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    USA or something


    Two suggestions. Have it create a shortcut with the -pso2 attached so people who don't know what they're doing can just launch it like that rather than using your program everytime.

    Second, have an option to swap the Vita and PC openings as well. Although... I wasn't aware there was a performance increase from their absense. I will have to see about that later.

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    After opening this once, I assume the effects are static until an update from sega?

    I ask because some people use and still want to use the english launcher(like me). Would be nice to know I(and others) can still use that if I(they) use this.
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    Ability to remove the in-game server

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    yeah I saw that and it took about 3 reads because I realized she meant censor. man if we could remove the ingame server...that would be epic
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    Ship 2 ID - SociableT
    Character - Myria (FoTenewearl 46/26)
    View "The Official Build Thread 2.0" for info on classes, skill trees and character build advice!

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    Nice aida.

    And i have a suggestion that i think every player would like. Make a button that lets you attack dudu and kill him, and once he dies everything you do to a weapon for 30 seconds will succeed 100% (can only kill dudu once a day).

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    I have a suggestion!

    "Do it!" -> "BAM!"

    Great program, can't wait to use it!

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    Thank you very much, Aida.

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