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    Quote Originally Posted by mother clusterfck View Post
    I'm pretty sure the tweaker can change some files to make PSO2 crash before you enter the lobby and neither filecheck nor even re-installing the game fixes it.

    I had the issue, game crashed either the moment I clicked the launch button in the tweaker or right after selecting a character, sometimes with and sometimes without windows error message (the one that says literally nothing besides "this application crashed").

    After the first re-install it worked again so I installed all mods I got file backups of and it crashed again so I restored the original files from the mods (many come with originals) or backups I made a few months ago and then checked for updates and it crashed again. Afterwards I did a New Filecheck and it still crashed everytime.

    Right now I re-installed the game a 2nd time after deleting the game folder and all files in it (no true uninstall, though) and the game was still crashing every time.

    Only after I deleted all files the game / tweaker saves into the MyDocuments\SEGA\PHANTASYSTARONLINE2 directory and into its temp subdirectory I was able to actually enter the lobby.

    I checked the logs several times and every single time, after plugin check, filecheck, fixing permissions, etc. it only ever says everything is okay, the same message appearing in the tweaker itself and no error messages at all.

    So, that can only mean the files saved into the PHANTASYSTARONLINE2 directory or the one file that was in temp caused the crashes and I really doubt the game is capable of making itself crash this hard, leaving really only the tweaker as only possible source of the problem.

    I'm using Windows Home Premium SP1.
    I did not change anything that could affect the game like firewall, etc. in half a year or more and infact after deleting said files the game is right now running perfectly fine.
    The culprit is often the plugin that translate the name of items, this fails very often so when that happens you have to go to plugin settings and uncheck it.

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    Oh. Damn.
    Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.
    Wasted 3 days on this >_<

    Since this is a known problem, could you add a message to the discord? I tried to get some help there but was ignored despite following the rules, probably cause no one was sure what the issue was.

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