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    Default Question about new character slots and mags

    Just 2 quick question about new characters.

    Say I buy another slot, 500 ac, I know about the whole you are buying a character and not the slot itself, but, will said character have access to my current mags? Or does he get his own list?

    Will the Koffie CO about mags allow him to get one? Seeing as it doesn't say anything about being one per account.

    So far, I know they share the storage, that's about it. And the cooldown on CO's isn't shared (at least the TACO ones).

    Kind of searched info on it, but it mostly came to having to repay to create a 2nd character after deleting yadayadayada.

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    A character gets all their own individual COs including the ability to get their own mag.

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    And mags are not shared
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    Ah, thanks, both of ya, for the quick replies.

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