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    Talking How to connect to the private server.

    So this post is self explanatory, im trying to play online using the private server. but im in the process of gathering the items needed to go online using my gamecube such as a modem or a broadband adapter. so once i get those how do i contact the private server guy or what am i supposed to do?

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    The private server's forums should have all the details you need in the gamecube section's stickies (if we're talking about the same one, that's where I found the information to connect myself).

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    is there some type of cord i need if i have the modem for the gamecube to connect it to my laptop?

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    Just need an ethernet cable and then bridge the two connections. If that doesn't work, then you will need to use a crossover cable. Newer network adapters will automatically "crossover" if a regular ethernet cable is used to connect to another ethernet device other than a router, switch, hub etc.

    BTW, this is for the broadband adapter, not the modem. I was assuming you meant the broadband adapter.
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