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    Well, there is still not enough information to say that specialization is really necessary. I would argue only half the classes actually have choices on the skill tree, while the others merely provide an illusion of choice for those who have not looked into the math. But I'll outline it below:

    Hunter - an actual choice between offence and defense since they added the Flash Guards. Before they fixed the stances, I would argue defense was the only worthwhile route. But since no one dies in on hit unless they are significantly underleveled (and they just started allowing you to access areas underleveled), Fury becomes the only real choice.

    Ranger - the only real option is to grab weak bullet and the weak hit advances. Since you are over there, you will end up getting the standing snipes. Jellen Shot was useful, but they reduced its power and created Deband Cut to add insult to injury. And we will not talk about traps.

    Force - I will consider this a "half decision" as the only decision point is after acquiring the charge PP regen. At that point it becomes "stay the course with fire" or "make lightning cheaper." Ice is not a real choice.

    Fighter - no choice at all, besides getting double saber gear by 16 or by 45.

    Gunner - no choice at all, once you realize how weak the chain system actually is.

    Techer - There is an actual choice between support and damage here. It is probably the one class where you do actually have to think about what you want to do.

    So, I would say the odds are it will be less like Techer, since Techer only happened once. Most likely the left side of the tree will overshadow the right (as it does in most cases). And if bow and katana upgrades are split, the highest multipliers and most general use ones will be easy to access, as with Fighter, thus destroying any sense of actual choice.

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    Chain would have been MUCH better if it tagged an enemy as opposed to one of its parts, and had a smaller mini-chain that was always on. Each enemy would have its own chain with a smaller reticule (for less visual noise on the screen), and the bonus and chain cap would have been much smaller. Chain trigger would then have been a skill you activate to raise the cap and bonus on a single enemy.

    A very easy implementation would be to make Chain Trigger either up to 20 count per ordinary enemy, or +1 enemy chained at a time per level (with a low cap on the chain), and then turn Chain Finish into Chain Target or something with extra chain cap. Completely remove any additional bonus to Chain damage, as after that it would be redundant. Instead, focus on utility, something like enemies you shoot in the air falling less quickly and a debuff for enemies in the air that you shoot that everyone can benefit from.

    Every class should have 3 main ways to increase effectiveness: Personal Ability (offense/defense), Personal Support (defense/utility), and Team Support (offense/defense/utility). They should not be mutually exclusive, but if possible they should definitely be mutually inclusive (a team skill will benefit everyone, including you - see: shifta, territory burst, weak bullet, war cry, etc.). Hunter is one of the few classes that follows this scheme, but does so very very poorly due to a horrible distribution of skills, their prerequisites, and SP efficiency.

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    Force and Techter require you to buy additional skill trees if you want to be good. Every element can be the best element, depending on what area you are playing. Ice is best in the Caves, and it may also be the best in the new beach area.
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    That's actually something I'm REALLY disappointed in Sega for messing up.

    They had a PERFECT opportunity to make wind a useful element, and completely squandered it. We're talking about freaking bird darkers and ocean-based natives. Air element is perfect for both of those.

    Then give gizan a secondary effect while we're at it, maybe knockback or maybe a really brief stun or a really tiny lift or I don't know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inazuma View Post
    Force and Techter require you to buy additional skill trees if you want to be good. Every element can be the best element, depending on what area you are playing. Ice is best in the Caves, and it may also be the best in the new beach area.
    Is that the case? It would make sense if element advantage was a multiplier instead of static, but I really do not recall it making enough of a difference to outweigh the advantage of, say, faster fire techniques or cheaper lightning techniques.

    Of course, using Techer's element multiplier would make such a build more necessary. But then the question is "why go Force/Techer and force yourself to use element when you could just go Force/Fighter, stick to fire, and get a higher overall multiplier?"

    But I do not mind taking your word for it, as I have not touched force in forever.


    I recall hearing something about everything else getting significantly stronger relative to fire techniques at 11+ to force people to choose another build, so feel free to replace fire with lightning in the previous statement.

    EDIT 2:

    I found out that there was a PSO2 optimization wiki and it answered all my questions, so there is no need to respond.
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    Yeaaah if you aren't willing to put money into PSO2 force most likely isn't for you. It's probably the only class where to be good everywhere you have to buy additional skill trees.
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    To be a great FO maybe. To be good? Eh...

    Lets just say I haven't switched off my Lightning tree in ages.
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    Well, Braver's Katana & Bow skill's aren't that far apart from each other. In the Vid. the character was level 20 and had both. that's really 17 SP difference at the most with out knowing "IF" it's closer to each other. So, it'll be like Fighter with both at the top for easy access.

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    Bows are coming back? Hot damn, I might have to start playing again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inazuma View Post
    Force and Techter require you to buy additional skill trees if you want to be good. Every element can be the best element, depending on what area you are playing. Ice is best in the Caves, and it may also be the best in the new beach area.
    Ice could do the highest damage values against a single enemy in Caves/Beach but can you reliably sweep waves of enemies quickly with (Gi)Barta?

    Considering the Beach natives will be weak to fire, I just don't see any reason to spec into ice when Foie spam will still destroy everything at a distance.

    Even lightning lacks a good long range AoE, but its other strengths make up for it, even in areas not weak to it.

    But sure, a second tree to purely spec into both fire and lightning would let you be extra effective in most areas, but Safoie still cuts through Caves mobs, and Zondeel is amazing crowd control no matter where you are.
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