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Thread: auto message?

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    Default auto message?

    i'm sorry if this already brought up before

    but how do I set auto message for the boss name? and change the balloon also.

    I am currently only know how to set auto cut in

    /ci1 1 <pos> [message]

    like that

    how do I combine it with the one that change bubble and if possible boss name?
    I saw some player probably using auto chat for location and boss name

    sorry again, and thank you

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    wrong forum but, <target> will show the enemy name

    google translate of the manual from the official website:
    Character of their own <me>
    Area level location <area>
    Map coordinates of the location <pos>
    Object name in the target current <t> or <target>
    Weapon name of equipment currently being <wp> or <weapon>
    Photon arts name used just before <pa> or <photonarts>
    Technique name used just before <tc> or <technic>
    Skill name used just before <sk> or <skill>
    Emergency Trial name that is currently occurring <et3> or <et2> or <et1>
    The (timing that occurred will be <et1> <et2> <et3> in reverse chronological order)
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