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    Hello,I downloaded pso2 awile back and i tryed playing it again today and it said not a valid win32 application.I'm aware that you need a program that unzips files but i guessed mine expired.Can anyone provide a link for a free one?

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    you tried to play it or install it? Google winrar perhaps. If you have an install and it's crashing when you try to run it, that's different. Iirc once you've downloaded everything, you simply install it, no other program needed (when you install the english patch you will need a unpacker of course). You need to be specific. You may need to reinstall/repatch. Maintenance atm so you have some time...

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    Hey thanks for the response.i had the game installed months ago.When i try to click on pso2 launcher its says that win32 error.when i click on any of the pso2 files it gives me that:/and im pretty sure if i redownload the game im going to have to unzip the files which i cant find the right program to do such.

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    Inside the PSO2 folder, there is a program called pso2launcher.exe (might show up as just pso2launcher). What you need to do is delete that file, and you should also see a pso2launcher.exe.bak. What you need to do is delete the .bak off the end of the file name so that it's just pso2launcher.exe. That should fix your issue.
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    Its says i need a software to open that file thats my problem

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    Thanks so much!

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