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    Default Greetings from a newcomer @PSO2, Lukaleblight

    Hello everyone,

    Sooo yeah umm i'm a new member in this forum and i made an account here for me to get some information regarding pso2 and the like..

    I just got interested in playing PSO2 now because i'm pretty tired of waiting for it to be released locally in english, but when i learned that it will be published by certain "bad" game distributors in 2014 or so, i got depressed. So i decided to go to PSO2 jp instead. In the meantime, i'll be hanging around here until the other PSO2 english servers are up and running.

    I have now started downloading the client and i'm waiting patiently for it to finish. I already made a SEGA ID so it's not a problem for me now lol (although i admit that it took me a while to make one). Well anyways, i'll be looking forward to seeing you guys in the game and play with you all! From what i have read so far in the forum, i should be in Ship 02 block 20 right?

    Tyr・ブライ ' [CAST-MALE]| Ship 02 | HU(52)/FI(44) | Team: The Wired
    Ataraxia [NEWMAN-FEMALE]| Ship 02 | FO(??)/TE(??) | Team: The Wired

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