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    Default Need help!!!><

    I have pso2 downloaded and i also downloaded the english patches put them in the win32 folder did everything right and the game is still in japanesei also used the pso2tweaker nothin is working.can someone help me out?

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    Did you use the tweaker to download the patches, or did you install them manually? If the latter, did you extract the .rar files and overwrite the existing game files with the patch ones?

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    i used the tweaker and installed it.then i did another option and found the download on a website extracted the rar.files etc./still nuthin

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    Launch the game once, in japanese, log all the way in.

    Close the game then apply patches.

    I had this problem before, doing the above makes sure i don't have that issue at all, this only works for manual patch/copy paste though, i don't use tweaker so i got no clue how to fix that part.

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    download, extract in separate folder, copy all extracted files, paste in win32.
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    The way how I did it was that I downloaded everything from the Japanese pso2 website, with file check and everything from the launcher. Once everything has been downloaded, then I downloaded the English patch and replaced the necessary files. It works. I didn't use tweakr or anything.

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    Not sure how you all failed to notice this new development in this thread:
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    I had to delete files from the english patch i downloaded from this uk web.i think they were outdated and they bugged my game before.does anyone know where the recent one is or the one you guys downloaded?

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    The tweaker can download the updated patches by clicking on the orb and selecting Install/Update Patches.

    You'll want to do a file check first before anything as you can't apply a patch and expect it to work without problems.
    Interested in playing PSP2i without starting over? Click here to get started or look here for people converting saves.

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