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    I looked around the internet and couldn't find any images/knowledge of existence of these cards. Does anyone know more about them (are they obtainable, were they online only, etc)? Either way, I feel I should share a few of them since there seems to be no online info on them.

    If people are interested in seeing others, I can post more. I'm kinda just using the PSO-World database as a reference and google, none of these came up.

    EDIT: Added two more.



    Mylla Youlla


    Dark Bringer
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    These are all cards that existed in the beta version of the game, but were removed from the final copy. They can still be found on the rare Japanese trial version, but that's it. There's no way aside from hacking to get them in the actual game, and not all of them work correctly (including all of the photon blasts). This was all actually pretty well known when the game was new, but it's unlikely that many people are still talking about it now.

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    Sadly, I need to learn Japanese first for me to understand the idea of that cards.. are they already rare?

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