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    Default UnfortunateMind, Signing In.

    >>Starting up: SYS62BLACKBOX
    >>Creating Data-Link: PSOWorldForums
    >>Opening Communications...

    Hello everyone! UnfortunateMind here! Feel free to call me UM, Unfortunate, Mind, or the whole name. I shall respond to all of of the above monikers.

    I've lurked around this site for a while and have been using it mainly for PSO2, which is my replacement for PSU which was shut down a few years ago. I played that game on the Xbox360 non-stop and loved it. Now with PSO2 out, I don't think I'll be getting any sun for a few days.

    I'm not an expert at PSO or MMOs in general so you can expect me to be asking the stupid questions and asking for assistance a lot. I apologize in advance for that. As much as I love this game, I am a terrible class-builder and I hug guides as closely as possible or I do so much research into a build that I get sick of it before I even play it.

    I have noticed in the PSO2 forums that English players like to gather on Ship 2, but I don't have any characters on that ship yet, as I'm experimenting with other classes and trying to figure out a good ranged class. When I DO have a character on it, I'll be joining everyone else and hope to play with everyone!

    Feel free to send me a message for a PT request or if you have anything you wish to discuss with me. I'm always willing to have a chat or play some missions with people when I can. I love soloing but games are always much more entertaining when you get to be an idiot with other people.

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    Hello and welcome to the forums .
    PSO2 Characters

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