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    Exclamation PSO2 JP Info & Guides (Updated 8/2017)

    The following are "floating" threads/topics - they are allowed to bump & post anytime, as long as they are still in this sticky.

    General Info, Q&A
    -Quick Questions, Quick answers!
    -PSO2 Community Chat
    -PSO2 Info Thread

    Specific Info/Guides
    -PSO2 Tweaker
    -Nvidia and AMD Anti-Aliasing and SweetFX
    -PSO2 Virtual Connect v2.0

    Detail Translations & Guides
    -PSO2 Registration Guide
    -Guide: Captcha Encyclopedia!
    -A guide to Support Partners
    - How to buy Arcs / Arks Cash (AC)
    -Pet Menus and Lab Tekker

    Player Matchup
    -LFP: Buster Quest Player Matchup thread
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    Blink & you might miss it! ;3

    Oh, keep sig at 600x180 px & 49KB, yah?

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    Trick question, I don't live.


    I was wondering what happened to the stickies, heheh.

    Anyway, a surprise has been added in the Ensyklopedia.

    Are you a ship 8 player? Want some friends to get started? Start with me! (CURRENTLY Busy with university )

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    Nice. It was getting a bit overcrowded, so I'm glad to see this change taking place.

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