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    I hope not. I just launched PSO2 so I could login when the servers are up. Usually, they're up by now.

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    Extensions happen or they will inevitably break something during the downtime forcing an emergency maintenance later down the week.

    It's usually the latter of the two, so the experience is mostly short lived.
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    Game on! its up
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    hmmm i wonder what i smelt then , maint is finished

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    Are those boost days listed here or on bumped listed in japanese time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vice Tek View Post
    They're listed in JST, yes.
    So it would 50% rare boost tomorrow? Damnit, thats when I have class(college)

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    ever since the maintenance ive been having a problem getting in. i can select a server and all, but then after that i cant do anything. nothing loads up. this is what my screen looks like

    is it still loading, just taking an abnormal amount of time doing it? or am i actually having a problem?

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    Corrected a bug wherein under special circumstances a weapon appraisal would fail. <- i lol'd
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