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    I can second that
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    A bot on twitter posted about it. The app grab their info off twitter for the most part.

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    guess it's time to finally chop off all chains with the emg twitter?
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    Is anyone else getting an error saying it isn't supported for 64bits systems?
    I get this error while trying to open the updater
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    Quote Originally Posted by AIDA View Post
    The updater for that version specifically says it doesn't work and that you have to re-download it manually from PSOW
    o: ohh okay heh, thanks c:
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    The latest version keeps giving me errors - it seems to be when I unfocus the notification. "System.NotSupportedException: ButtonBase controls do not support setting the BorderColor to Transparent."

    Thanks for letting us close the notifications. Although, I think it'd be easier if we could just click the entire notification rather than a small x button in the corner. But it's still a big improvement!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIDA View Post
    Update time!~

    - Added support for our new EQ system, which should pick up 100% of all EQs (Currently being tested on Ship02, will be expanded to other ships shortly)
    Yeah that's great and all, but now you gotta add the option to ignore all EQs except TD!

    Or make Mining Base Defense play this sound and this for anything else.
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    Actually, that would be nice. A alert to call on specific EQs

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIDA View Post
    You can just clip the sound :3 If you want to send it to me and tell me where to cut it at, that's fine too~
    No Thanks, I can clip it on my own. Thank you GoldWave. =P=P
    No, lol, my point in this is:

    Imagine I'm in the kitchen, I have children, and the EQ pops up:

    1) If the sound is too short, I won't listen to it, because I'm away;
    2) If the sound is too long, I have to listen to it whole (hence, my request for the Stop Button).

    I use a 1 minute song, so, that gives me time to ear and know that the EQ is on, if I'm away or the house is too noisy. But since I can't stop the music, I have to listen to it all. XD

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    First time downloading the PSO2 Alert and I get this:

    I've tried like 5 downloads etc... Same result.

    Do you need PSO2 open? Thank you!
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