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    "Looks like something went wrong with EQ announcements. It will be fixed soon!"
    Been getting this for a year now, every time I tried it. Just got it again fresh off for Regiment of the Wicked alerts and still no difference. Can't be any remaining registry entries or whatever on my pc either because between the last time I tried it and now I completely reinstalled windows.

    The .net link on the first page of this topic made me think, is this somehow checking for a specific .net version for some reason and having a later version of .net installed breaks it?

    PS: a good long while ago it was working just fine for me, it only stopped working after I had been using it for months.

    PPS: it's working? it accurately told me about Elder and I also got a message when Regiment of the Wicked was coming up, albeit without text and still using the elder image.
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    Woooo!! finally !! Thanks for the update

    Also, uploading some PSO2 musics on Youtube when i got enough time to do it, i might have what you're looking for :

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    Hm, i wonder if i should make a new custom skin for it then.

    i did have a couple of unused ones.
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    Is there a way to stop getting it to update? Also, it seems to have stopped working again.

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