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    I've tried Allow programs to communicate through Windows Firewall yet the result still the same.
    Tried to turn of Avira, still no sign of changing.
    Maybe tonight I gotta try to reinstall some of .NET Framework

    currently installed Framework:
    .NET Framework 4 Multi-Targeting Pack
    .NET Framework 4.5

    I'll report again after I hit some progress. AIDA, thanks for the help. ( )/

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    How about adding the 'Start with Windows Startup' function?
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    Quote Originally Posted by musicmf View Post
    Is there a reason that my EQ Alert just says (9 - 9) instead of the time?

    I mean, I haven't quite had it running while an EQ started up, but I just brought up that graphic with the rightclick > show last EQ.
    So that may be it. But I just want to be sure.
    Quote Originally Posted by AIDA View Post
    How odd - Let me know if it's a recurring issue.
    I just had the program go off before this Super Falz.
    The custom .wav I selected (Changeover Code: Attack) worked, and the image popped up. But it still has the (9 - 9) on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KazukiQZ View Post
    How about adding the 'Start with Windows Startup' function?
    I 2nd this!
    (Could add the program to the Startup folder myself, but I think it would be nice to have a preferences section, or something)

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    On launching (regardless of starting with windows or just manually opened) it should immediately check to see if something's happening in-game. Didn't seem like that was the case when I was launching and relaunching the app during darker city event on Ship10, though maybe I juuust missed the deadline (it's 2 minutes past the 30m marker so the event should be over by now).

    Great app though. Out of curiosity, what are you using for the more accurate emergency code updates?

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    So Aida, I gave your program a shot for a day or two. I noticed .NET framework was giving me an error when I tried to update as prompted. since I updated to your second build, it's been giving me errors occasionally as I leave it open. I had to manually download your newest version.

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    To fill in, the pso2_eq_bot is a service run by a Japanese player, that announces alerts for emergency quests based on tweets by Japanese players that it picks up via tags. Up until now, this has been the sole mechanic for which the chrome EQ extension has functioned on. The problem is the because it's run mostly by Japanese players, while it picks up a good number of tweets, it doesn't seem to pick up events for the primary times foreign players are online, and generally misses a couple of events here and there in general.

    The current EQ system still uses that as a base, but I've been thinking about ways that I could possibly supplement or even possibly replace the system in favor of something more reliable, or at the very least provide a backup. For Japanese players it's somewhat easier as Japan is in one timezone, I didn't want to have players converting times to JST, trying to parse the time from their twitter location, or deal with any of that in general. The fix to that was stupidly simple and admittedly, I'm kind of embarrassed as to exactly how simple. As each event is announced fifteen minutes before it's put into effect, all I need to do is keep a list of times for acceptable event announcement times for the corresponding events. The result is shown below:


    All I need is a tag #pso2eq to pick up the tweet, the ship number, the and the abbreviated eq name to parse and the EQ system sets the time for the EQ accordingly. I'm not sure how reliable this system would be if it were simply public with a threshold of a certain amount of users being able to tweet, and since the EQ system is was originally built to listen for posts from the pso2_eq_bot, I haven't written in any measures to cancel tweets once they've been announced and in general, I don't think people would use the alert system if it wasn't reliable. And me in general, I'd rather spend my time translating more of the game then spending all of my time writing anti-troll algorithms for twitter.

    The route I decided to go with was to have a group of approved users where a single tweet can announce an EQ. I've given Aida free control of whose account gets verified to be able to set EQ's, since honestly I really don't even play this game. Here's a preview of the admin console and how it works. Basically a username is entered into the system, and a random key is generated for it. You are then validated into the system by tweeting the @eqRappyBot from that account with the random key in the content of the text. You should then get a confirmation email from the rappybot.


    I'm kind of tempted to add the feature of the rappy bot tweeting out each announcement, but I need to work on my thesis paper and other stuff for school right now. If I get the chance I'd like to maybe work on something using the bot a little more some where down the line.

    A note on interrupt rankings, the pso2_eq_bot does announce the rankings. Since the bot breaks and the person managing it announces other stuff on occasion I made it so that my listening bot automatically throws away any tweets that aren't marked with #緊急クエ. As the interrupt rankings aren't marked with that, they're generally thrown away, so I'd have to change the code on that so it actually parses them. As for the new system, yes interrupt rankings can be announced like any other EQ if they are added to the database.

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    I'll definitely try this out! Nice work AIDA!

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    Seems to be not working on my side... Even as run as administrator still it doesn't work for me... Mostly it stops running and I have no idea why.

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    So here's a request for features Aida, since I've been working with the firefox plugin for a good few months, I figure it wouldn't hurt if Kion let you borrow some of his firefox/chrome features.

    1. Let the taskbar icon flash, or change color when an EQ is coming, or in effect.
    2. Allow the EQ box to pop up on hover or press over the taskbar icon. Or an option for both?
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