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    Default I'm ripping PSO2 sound files [Updated 10/6/2013 - Added new sounds]

    I know people have requested certain sounds before, and I'm going to start ripping some for use in PSO2 Alert ( Anyone have any requests for me? Emergency Codes and Change Overs ripped by Shinamori (

    EDIT: Due to time constraints, I can no longer rip sounds. Sorry!

    2019 EDIT: I found the old zip of sounds from 2013 and have posted it here:!SdQDXAwB!fNU-FYyzR...qs17et6cnQebtk. Enjoy!

    Download link for PSO2 Sounds:

    Shinamori - For ripping some of these sounds for me

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    Wanna rip the rare item and parallel area jingles?
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    I'm sure lots of people would like to see the rare drop sound.

    EQ announcer clips would be cool too. Are you recording these from the game client, or pulling files out of folders?

    You guys ninja'd both of my requests!

    Is the old-school level up sound (now used for leveling up your team) higher quality in PSO2 than the PSO1 version?
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    Quest completion sound/music along with quest start up sound when selected from counter.

    Edit: Oh yea, boss roars and sounds.

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    Need a clip of AIDA saying Twerk Team

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    Ship announcement for EQ voice files

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    I will give you all my virgins if you rip "BINGO!"

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    Isn't there a Code: Quick? I remember seeing that in the Quarry reveal vid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zorafim View Post
    I will give you all my virgins if you rip "BINGO!"
    I will second this offer for "REACH!"
    Quote Originally Posted by Tyreek View Post
    Isn't there a Code: Quick? I remember seeing that in the Quarry reveal vid.
    It's in like one mission as far as I can tell but I haven't run quarry enough to get it as a random mission and it doesn't have the big circle thing pop up when it starts iirc.

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    AIDA i would like to have the following

    Symbol Art sound effects

    the sound effect when u photon blast

    the 2 different sound effect when u click something... if i remember one of them only soinds when u click the login button or something

    not sure if this is possible but is it possible to rip voicepack files for npc and the ones we use?? some of them are good for ringtonez
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