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    I know this is late but, 5% is GOD. It's really only the noobs (no offense) who say otherwise. Please beg to differ so I can show you how much money can be made when a simple 5% affix boost is applied.
    * on average

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    "mom, watch me roll the die xD"
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    Because having good luck yourself clearly is indicative of the entire player base.

    Yes. Clearly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jooozek View Post
    "mom, watch me roll the die xD"
    A 5% boosted die!

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    It's like bragging about winning $20 in the scratch off lottery. You had nothing to do with your success and it's very likely that you'll just lose the next 5/10/100 times anyways, yet you act like a snob just because.

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