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    A lot of 11*s aren't even good... at all.

    As for the ones that are good, they're outclassed in other areas - Guld Milla isn't even close to being the most damaging mechgun for example. And the ones that *are* the best like Yasminkov 7000M and Nasuyoteri only edge out just BARELY against the competition, and is probably not worth the difficulty in grinding (it's not only harder but costs 2-3 times as much per try...) unless you want to show it off.

    Honestly, the only two Falz rares I (personally) even care about getting are the Orochiagito for looks, and Elysion because of it's unique potential and playstyle.

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    PSO sold itself on lots of weapons that did lots of things.

    I don't really know why they shied away from that and got into this mega-investing into a single weapon thing. The Guld Milla is doing it right: It does something unique. It should be tradable, yes, but it should stay unique. Elysion too. Every 11* should do something other than raw damage, or at least damage that's significantly different.

    I mean... guld milla and elysion are unique. Motav prophecy and twin kamui are noticeably higher damage (less so on the motav). Flame visit and falclaw? Pffffft, why?

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    I actually dislike the way Elysion is handled.

    Uncharged tech playstyle shouldn't hinge solely on getting one of the most absurdly rare weapons in the game.

    Hell, even if it was tradable, it'd still cost an ass-ton of meseta.

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    I agree of course, a twofold gain is a bit much. I've been pushing for uncharged tech advance and uncharged PP save on techer since the beginning.

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    Imagine how awesome it would be if Elysion had free foie in this game.

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    Free like level 1-5 Foie, you mean.

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    Yeah, obviously another trap.
    It's a big warning sign that says "all your shit about to be obsolete".

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    Quote Originally Posted by kisamehosh/C View Post
    =_= you put too much hope in the crafting system...its not going to be just a cake walk.
    neither is getting 11* and getting them to 50 element
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    I'm gonna take Peppy Hare's advice this time!
    Quote Originally Posted by CelestialBlade View Post
    Bit off-topic, but I'm just sick and tired of "difficulty" meaning "stat boosts". It's lazy and boring.

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    Crafting system will probably be something like...
    1. Kill Rogbert 500 times for a rare recipe to extend 5 stars by 5%
    2. Materials required from recycling 100 10 star weapons per recipe use
    3. Use the recipe 300 times to get extend up to 9 stars by 10%
    4. Kill Vol Dragon 700 times for a rare recipe to extend lv 2
    5. Repeat 2 and 3.

    Etc, etc. I dunno, but I'm expecting the worst.
    I forget what's already been established, but I hope recipes aren't single time use.

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