Hi, I'm brand spanking new to the Japanese Version of PSO2. While it is quite different from PSU on the Xbox (which is what got me into the series) It is still an amazing game. The only unfortunate part is that the vast majority of the population does not know a word of english aside from the occasional "get out, outsider" or "shut up please". This has prevented me from amassing a crew, or finding a mentor to show me around. I have a few questions about the game, tips, advice, facts, etc.

First off, I am a newman Ranger (sub Force), Level 24 currently. I own a 3+ Gloam Rain, and some 4* 10^ Launcher. I don't really use any other weapons.

Second of all, this is likely the class combo I will be using until I am level sixty. I tried dual machiney guns. They are god awful imo.

Third of all: considering deleting my LV23 Duman FI/HU. Replacing with CAST BR/HU. Should I? Or shouldn't I? I've always liked the thought of a mechanical samurai character...

Now, my questions.

How do I unlock TACOs?

What is a reccomended way to grind levels?

Is my RA/FO class combo trash? good? Godly?

What is a decent way to get some money around level 30-40?

Is there a good way to hunt down english speaking players? if so, I want to know.

What is a good Rifle and Launcher?

What is a good third weapon for my palette? Explain.

is it possible to remodel your room without AC? If so, how?

Can my team have a room if there are no AC players? Are there any restrictions?

is there a weapon price guide? if so, can I have the link to it?

Side note, if you want to join my team, hit me up in game or visit us at http://horizon-united.guildlaunch.com/

I a legitemately seeking advice. I am just putting my recruiting pole in the water because why not.