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    Default Update Help. Please.

    So i recently started playing pso2, i got everything up and running iv been playing for a week and now i have an update so i start the update, it says the update is 75Mb when on it says its only a 22Mb update and it is taking forever.
    Am i doing anything wrong, should i not update from the Tweaker if i downloaded from the PSO website?

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    No issue here, downloaded quickly for me, perhaps you had corrupt files that needed redownloading?

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    Or you install English Patch and/or large Files and forgot to make back-ups for them, thus preventing the Tweaker from repatching the original files before start checking for updates. This will force you to redownload all original files again from the game updater, either via Tweaker or the original launcher.
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    Thanks for the quick response guys! i was worried i did something wrong, okay well ill uninstall and download tomorrow, if it still is acting funny ill message again. im not to tech savvy, i was so lost.
    Thanks a bunch

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    so your saying i should wait for that all to update? it seemed like it'd take awhile but not as long and a download for the whole game.

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    okay just so im on the right page, it checks the 20,000 files then updates?

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    After it's done checking your files, yes, it should automatically update. If you're still having problems, maybe try downloading the update with the official launcher, then use the tweaker to re-install your patches.

    I hope everything works for you!

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