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    Default Game will not run

    I tried downloading the game but it will never finish the download so i try to download the game threw the Tweaker and it still dosent work, iv been stuck on the for 2 days, could any one help me, maybe we could screen share threw skype and see if im doing anything wrong.

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    heres my log file, what should i do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarijuanaMan View Post
    heres my log file, what should i do?
    that's a lot of missing files you got there. . .

    I downloaded PSO2 last year, and it took me one week to patch.

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    once u download the tweake and patched ,if u cant run
    go to the circle and select check files again and let it run to check for missing files
    another 2 things to take note of is "reinstall pso2 exe " and " reinstalled gameguard"
    they are all in the circle icon
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