Well, im impressed I could not find sunch a thread and it's years I wanted to make a guide like this...who am I? Legrandzoom of course, someone who played a lot of pso on gamecube and that never had enough money to kick it online (level 263 offline and playing with 6 friends IRL...). Seing this game still exists offline, I'm sure it would be worth it to share some crazy tactics combos we know off. Note that a I probably forgot a lot since I did not played for quite some time...

Okay mister obvious!

Hildebear: Well duh, if you start as Arkz, these beast are pretty hard to shake off! Cost 4 and is an hard banger! Even still effective today.

Delsaber Buster + Shield of delsaber: Nothing to say, a pretty effective combo on his own. Be sure to try to counter Companion with lock or dice half. Pretty good when used in conjuction with the victor axe that depends of dice bonus.

Pouilli Slime: These red slimes leaves Nothing behind! One one is spawned, you can pretty munch overwhelm your opponent in a very effective way. Attack is decent and not too costy to move.

Guykild + Yasminkow 2000 + God Shield Genbu + Muscular: A long term investement. The point is to pump power in the Yasminkow and with Guykild's Elude power, you can be ready for a long and solid fight.

Only 1 level monsters: Yeah, against a 1 vs 1, it is well known that if your opponent does not have the card Fly and that he's surronded by level 1 monsters, he's pretty munch dead (or at least, he will be in 30 minutes if he hasn't slapped you with his controller yet)! With requiem, you can boost your dice too ensure you will always always summon monsters!

Revenge: Pretty to use combo...did you know you can use ransom on your opponent to drain his ex points? Some cards like the chaos bringer are deadly with this!

Chaos sorcerer: Powerfull monster

Crismon assassin + Hp attack: It usually means one hit ko...but carefull, anti piercing cards are fairly commons and that assassin scream obvious thing upon appearance.

Gilchic(probably mispelled): These robots are pretty stong since they cannot be blocked. Since mine brigthness is pretty cheap to pull out, they can easyly overwhelm the opponent.

Burning visit: One of my most hated weapons against my friends, I do believe that with Kranz, it's pretty effective.

A bit less Obvious

HP Attack + Healing weapon (more precisely the Sange Yasha): Hp attack has some funny glitch! If you use it with Sange Yasha, you will gain attack that was intended for your HP! A powerfull combo for hunter!

Bulk, Ob Lily + Madness : When you use madness, you can hit a lot of things...and since ob lily and bulk effect are taken in account for every hited target...

Gi-Gue + Native Guard: A bit harder to pull up, but Gi-Gue is like a constant companion card...it annoys and can do some monstrous damge. I like mixing this with bulk or ob lily combo.

Santa rappy + kamikaze Attack: Super OP combo to me. Almost garantee quick dice bonus and perfect to use an hildeblue!

There is a way (if you play 2 players) to change any weapon's hp and attack. I can't remember well, I think it involves the move technique and anti on akiko wok and it has to hit a card that nullifies action cards like god shield genbu.

Gulgus + duel guard and duel strike: Like these cards were made for Gulgus. Gulgus copies the attack of every monsters he fight...and the duel cards have excellent effects if the monsters have the same attacks...

Indi Belra + Fly + Claw + Aerial attack + Lura: Deadly combo if you do the maths. The point is to use the aerial assassin abilities at his max. Being flying give you bonus...but if your opponent is also flying, you get even more bonuses, and if your card has aerial assassins, it's even more bonuses!

Creinu + immortality + Garanz (or hp changer like walls mk2, sato and varista)

Other things I like

Morphos: Because they are my favorite pso monster and they suck hard

Viviana + Rukmin

Peko with eathquake because he's fat (and fly and perhaps pan arms and viruses).

Note: There is a lot more strong combos in the game combos...I mean, you don't absolutely need those to win! Love all cards like they say.