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    Default GO's Phantasy Star Artwork

    Hallo, one of my name's is GO and I enjoy drawing and painting. I've been a member here for quite awhile and used to enter the art contests here on PSO-W, I may have even had a thread way back when. Granted, I was way more active on the Official SEGA boards but I've always enjoyed the art community here too.

    Well it's been about 6 years since I've done any Phantasy Star-based fan art, and since I'm back in the Phantasy Star groove I decided it was time to start making more!

    I hope to be fairly active, but I'm pretty lackadaisical and can get into horrible slumps so I can't make promises, but I am open to commissions, discussions, and anything fun happening art wise.

    Well to start I sketched my character in PSO2, GOmar using Photoshop.

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    I do art trades.


    Just saying.

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    Zora composes amazing music! /coughthisisn'tadvertisecough/

    Anyways your sketch is really amazing, it looks so simple but has so many love and charme in it. Personally I think it really portrais your character well! He seems as if he's about to say:"Come On' Darkers, let's make Pasta." with a super smug smile. Also I love that amount of muscle detail in what seems to be just so few strokes.
    I'd love to see more from you!

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    Wow awesome and welcome back, artists are more then welcome here
    I like your lines, they look more traditional than degital.

    Hope we can see a colored version. Keep it up!!!!

    PS: if you got some free time and are looking for a motivation, please take a look at my thread "A collaborative drawing/painting", you are welcome to participate if you are interested
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    @Zorafim: Ok sure that could be sweet, I'll try and get back with you when I'm feeling like drawing some characters.

    @kazuuya: Wow thank you very much that is such a great compliment it's what I set out to achieve with anything I make so for you to say it does those things makes me really happy. I also like that Pasta line hehe GOmar is kind of a goofball so it definitely fits.

    @Shinureal: Thanks for the welcome and encouraging words! I'm more of a traditional artist so that's definitely where that look comes from, for the longest time I actually did not like doing things digitally because I thought I could never get that same look and feel. I've had a lot of help though with opening my eyes to digital art and I'm really into it right now.

    I hope I do a colored version too haha but I'm not sure if I will, I messed around with it after I drew it but I'm not sure what style to take it in yet.

    PS: I actually saw that thread and it kind of sparked me a little to want to post again here, so I may do just that and draw something for it (as long as you are ok with my character doing something silly).

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    Looking forward to seeing more GOmar.

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    I'm a traditional dude too, I only go digitally when I'm doing colors or drawing sprites for 2D games, so, when it comes to b/w stuff like manga or sketch, then I more confortable with my traditional way.

    PS: no worries, as long as there's no +18 stuff . There's still some spots free on the project.
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    I feel you that's usually how I work too.

    And ok no problem it won't be 18+ just something goofy maybe, I'll take a closer look at the background and see what I can think of.

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