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    Default New chat commands...

    So with this update we can change our palettes, sub-palettes, outfits, and camos with chat commands:

    What I'm curious of is if it's feasible to use auto words to use these commands automatically.

    Like, say if you get into a PSE Burst, your autoword will change your palette to a bunch of AoE crowd control techs, or if your 50 or 10% autoword kicks in, a palette filled with nothing but heal items.

    Hell make it so you wear a speedo during PSE Bursts!

    What are your thoughts on the whole idea?

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    Since SEGA is too lazy to make it so we can equip multiple camos at once (think each slot can equip a camo), I'm willing to sacrifice Hotkeys 1-6 for weapon + camo switching.

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    Binding palettes and subpalettes to autoword sounds like a bad idea imo. Maybe having it switch to your TD palette at quest start would be a good idea.

    Ooh, here's an idea; give auto-words to switching to a specific class, and then let you make an autoword to set up palette and subpalettes accordingly.

    You could do some Quna-ass shit by switching to a "battle costume" at quest start, and back to regular costume in quest finish. Or the same with codes. So that's a thing. Without accessories being tied to costumes it's not THAT useful but still could be neat.

    At the moment, it's a few potentially useful things, but with a half-baked implementation right now.

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    I thought about it for weapon switching or quick loadout switching, but figured that it costs too many bytes of character space to do for whatever gain.

    Maybe we can have completely chat based triple++ dashing? The only thing missing is the dash button.
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    bind it to chat commands.

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    Oh hey this means you can now automatically say "Moon Prism Power, Make Up! /cs スチューデントS・レプカ" to punish all darkers in the name of the moon and then switch back to civilian clothes at the end of the quest.

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    I can't get the costume switching command to work. Nothing changes.

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    I was really hoping to be able to use this for either PA or weapon switching. Ah well.

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    To clarify, I put the command in, put the costume name in, and send the message, but nothing happens at all. The message doesn't pop up (similar to if you sent a lobby action alone) but the costume doesn't change, and yes, I'm sure I have the costume in my inventory.

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    Do you have items translated? If not, have you tried copy-pasting the name of the costume exactly?

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