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Thread: Error NP1002?

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    Quote Originally Posted by blueyou View Post
    legit copy of windows?
    if not, thats the problem.

    theres an update that conflicts with gameguard and that np1002 error across all games that supports GG.
    I don't think that really matters. NP1002 means that something tried to close Game Guard. There reads "Nprotect gameguard closed inappropriate." GameGuard is picky. From what I hear, it doesn't like certain programs. They usually recommend shutdown things like IMs, Xfire, fraps (in some cases), antivirus software, etc.

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    I had the same issue recently and I believe it to be Kaspersky. The moment I turned off Kaspersky, I stopped getting the NP1002 error. Whitelisting GG didn't help at all. If you're particular about not having an antivirus running and you're using Windows 8, it does have Windows Defender and it doesn't interfere with GG.
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    I have Kasperskly but it doesn't cause any problems with PSO2 for me.

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    Kaspersky is definitely part of the problem. I have the same issue as well.
    As Komeiji Sig said turning Kaspersky off fixes the issue. Adding PSO2 and gameguard to exclusions and trusted does nothing.

    You can try pausing Kaspersky's protection and then resuming it after you've logged in to the game.

    Hardly ideal, but that seemed to work.

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