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    Exclamation Confusion @ Bumped PSU Blog

    Earlier/Yesterday there was a post on the comments page at Bumped's PSU Blog. The confusion came from a person who was called "lol" and he claims that the Patch Team will stop working on the said patches.

    This post has lead people to actually believe this and here is the exact message.
    "This game is dead. Read it and weep, “The english patch team will stop working on it. I speak of the core english patch team at, who will likely no longer provide effort towards the patch. Aida may or may not continue working on things.” RIP PSO2"

    Please can someone provide support about this and either confirm or deny the actual post. It is causing many people to loose their will and move over to the SEA version of the game which is far inferior.

    The thread will be posted to bumped under the same username "Xie the Avaricious" so people can see if the allegations are either true or false.

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    Ya, it's fake.
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    your an idiot.
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    You wanna continue feel free to message me in game anytime you want. Failurelol/Failure/12512110. Ill be more than happy to make you cry and commit suicide you worthless keyboard warrior monitor tan weeabo LOOOL

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    Does this community believe everything people post?

    Playing PSO2, PSOBB and PSP2i!

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    It't not that I believed it, it's that the Bumped commenter's had a little dispute over it.

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    I don't see why it would be fake. Raujinn is the writer of that blog, and he's part of the PSUmods time. I highly doubt he would lie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z-0 View Post
    I don't see why it would be fake. Raujinn is the writer of that blog, and he's part of the PSUmods time. I highly doubt he would lie.
    It just means one section of it might stop. As you can see in the picture, I was there talking to AIDA about the topic since it was of concern to a lot of my friends. They claimed that they all planned to continue with the patch for now. AIDA even claimed they would at least compile what they had of the patch to keep up with the updates if interest from the group as a whole was lost although it wouldn't be kept as up to date as before.

    So its not like the English patch is just going to die. It may not end up worked on as much as before if this BS keeps up, but its not going to disappear.

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    Why exactly do you need the english patch team to continue supporting PSO2JP? To show that there's still some hope left? Wake up, son. This community is about to die and with or without the patch I'm pretty sure most of the remaining remnants know their way around the game by now and should be just fine.

    Hope is not lost, but soon..... you will open your eyes to the truth.

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