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    what is the best sub for bouncer in na right now
    Hunter and Phantom. Both subs can utilize both weapons well. When Luster is released you can add that to the list as well. To keep it short you use Hunter for stable damage and survivability. Phantom for higher theoretical DPS via gear accumulation for better rotations, increased efficiency with techs, and crits. The only downside being you're made of tissue paper so you'll eat dirt a lot if you're not good at using Bouncer's evasive actions or are too used to Automate + IW training wheels.

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    How does exactly the dodge auto field skill works? does it deploy mi fields whenever i do a step dodge? or do i have to actually dodge trough an attack with it for it to trigger?

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    Dodge an attack, nothing happens if you randomly use step.
    Not sure but I assume the timing is also crucial, just like with hero / phantom counter. If you dodge too early, even if you still avoid all damage it simply counts as randomly using step without attack and you can't counter.

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