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    Hi guys and gals, my name is Jade Yun. I play at Puck 16-01 and the room name is usually called "Fight Club". I am a HuneWearl and around level 60. If you guys see me, please say hi and maybe we can game together. Well see you at PSOWorld!

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    Well I don't know about you gals/guys but I love to see new faces at the board. JadeYun I'll see if I can't track you down. It's good to have ya

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    Tomeeboy World?
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    tomeeboy world?!! feh!

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    Was taken or something?

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    Hey a fellow newbie to PSO World like me. ;> Hi JadeYun. I play on Puck Block 1 or Ophelia Block 15. You'll usually see me with my friend Cifer EX

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