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    Default “Phantasy Star Nova” First Printings Come with Some Digital Bonuses

    Phantasy Star Nova is coming to PS Vita in Japan on November 27, and those who pick up a first-print copy can look forward to a few digital extras. According to Famitsu, those include codes for costume recipes, a discount for friends, and a variety of items.

    The costume recipes let players make male and female costumes for all races, including a recipe for ten Exp. Boost +200% items. Additional item codes include more costumes, a music disc with the Phantasy Star Nova main theme for your in-game room's jukebox, a Color Change Pass ticket, FUN1000 Acquisition ticket, and a Tri-Boost + 100% item.

    The discount code is one you can share with friends to give them 30% off a digital version of Nova, which will also include the same first-print bonuses.

    When Phantasy Star Nova hits shelves in Japan, fans will be able to purchase a themed PS Vita pouch, pictured below, for ¥2,280 ($22).

    Via (characterjapan)
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    I preordered the Pouch on Amiami

    You can get them here at a nice price too.


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