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    Default Lesser known differences between races?

    So I just started playing PSO2 which means I also just started learning about it. I've been reading lots of threads and guides all over the place and people only talk about the stat differences between races.

    I'm interested in finding out all the lesser know differences. The only example I know for sure is that Cast's can have a hover animation instead of a walking one. Minor, yes, but I'd like to know if there are any others.

    I've heard mention of Newmans possibly having a faster PP regen rate, but no confirmation. Is that true?

    Is there anything else, like all those little differences that races had in PSO1?

    edit: oops, I had 2 tabs open and may have posted in the wrong section.

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    Other than aesthetic customization, no, the only difference is the stats.

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    Umm... guess I can name a couple for aesthetics...
    CASTs: have a hovering animation, like you mentioned
    Female CASTs: have the option to wear a ninja mask
    Dewmans: have the option to change horn shape and size, and have the option to have two different eye types at the same time
    Newmans: have the option to change pointy ear shape and size
    Humans: nothing really special I can think of

    Newmans.. do not have faster PP regen, I believe.

    Ah, another thing. Some costumes are only available for CASTs, some are only available for non-CASTs, and some are universal.
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    Only gameplay differences between the races are stats as you have read. Pure asthetics beyond that.

    Humans and newmans share skin tone palettes of a natural human type. Newmans have their usual long ears which can vary anywhere between PSO1's HUnewearl, to PSPo2's Ursula.

    Dewmans have a pale/blue/red skin color range. Horns (females 2, males 1), unique eye patterns, body paint, eyelash style, optional heterochromia of the eyes.

    Casts can choose any skin color, and have their own default pupil styles. Cannot use non-cast costumes, can use parts, unique head parts/hairstyles, unique cast only features, such as facial lines, and substitute for ears,. Cant hover if using cast parts.

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    Great, thanks for the info! Just what I wanted to hear. Now I have to try a Female Cast heh

    You say they "can't hover if using cast parts". Does that mean if you normally hover and change your equipment in some way that you won't hover any more?

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    It -> CAN <- hover with cast parts, but it can't hover with human costumes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poyonche View Post
    It -> CAN <- hover with cast parts, but it can't hover with human costumes.
    I just caught my own typo from literally 24 hours ago, sowwy

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    Dewman girls are by far the cutest.
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