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    Default Cannot edit the title above but I can edit this here? Really?

    Please check out the new thread instead:

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    It's amazing how this has no comments. You have nice sketches, I really love the facial expressions, haha

    sig by me, PM if you want to request one.
    Ship 2/Ship 4:
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    Pretty much good, keep trying..

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    Bump. Added more drawings on the original post. Have fun.

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    I like it; love to see your progression.

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    Bump. Just made single quick sketch.

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    Oh, wow. That looks neat.

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    Wish I could color cause theese look really good

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    Bump. Playing PSO on the go is sort of nice.

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    Original from Ragol. Ship 10 now.


    Cool stuff here, keep'm coming.
    Busy doing nothing...

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