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    Default Bouncers have become a blight on this realm

    Or at least, that's what it feels like lately. Seems like 7/10 (if not more) players are either maining or subbing bouncer, and this has resulted in a catastrophic decrease in combat efficiency across the board.

    Why, we couldn't even finish a single run of Loser today because we simply had too many people running Bouncer instead of something useful for the fight. And you can forget about seeing rangers with weak bullet on hand!

    It's particularly unfortunate as, after so many buffs, all the other classes feel like new classes themselves and are totally worth experimenting with more than Bouncer, but I guess the allure of the new and shiny is too much for people to pass over.

    Or maybe I was just playing at a particularly bad time and all the, ahem, more casual players just happened to be playing on the same block as me. I dnno.

    Anyway. Am I crazy or is this a thing now?

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    Wave 4 of TD1 this weekend, mobs being pulled around everywhere instead of just being zondeeled and massacred.
    "Wow what the fuck I can't do anything on FI now!"
    Chase everything around and attack small clusters at a time.
    Get >600 points for the wave
    "Wow what the fuck nobody else could do anything either!"

    PUG life.

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    Isn't this kinda normal when new classes come out?

    Just give it another week or two

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    Quote Originally Posted by gigawuts View Post
    ey flark u buddy

    But, I agree, everyone leveling BO right now is putting a severe hindrance on efficiency as far as EQs and the like goes. There's even less Weak Bullet than usual (which I didn't even think was possible), which makes Luther*, for instance, a big fat pain in the tuckus.

    But, just wait for a bit until the BO hype dies down and people get back to their normal classes.

    *waiting for someone to come in and say 'u need WB 4 Loser? git gud m8'

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    Story of my life. But unlike you we at least finished a Luther run

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    Speaking of Luther, how do people still die to the merry-go-round when you can sanic?

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    u need WB 4 loser? git gud m8

    Luther sucks without WB though... really annoying since Apos just keeps attacking non-stop and you may not even break the clock without WB at Luther himself. Left some Luther games because they simply aren't going to clear with everyone playing Boots Bouncer with no WB.

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    Its a new class so of course people want to level it. Nothing wrong with that. Dual Blades in a lot of cases can actually be very good, so long as people are somewhat geared with them.

    Jet boots on the other hand, while very cool and fun, really, really suck with their PA's. Yes, they have clear application to hardcore Force players as tech weapons for their utility and usable power, but on Bouncer itself they are mediocre at their very best in comparison to what almost all other classes have available. I personally hope they get more PA's soon and the current ones get a massive buff, but eh.

    Eventually of course, all of this is going to settle out. People will go back to generally playing "good" classes. Bouncer with jetboots will probably just become like the episode 2 techer class in that it will have its enthusiasts, but there will still be an okay amount of people playing classes that can actually do things.

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