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    Unhappy I need major help!

    So i have been trying to two days now to get the jp version with english patch downloaded onto my laptop here with no success. I really want to play but now I am just afraid that maybe i won't be able to. if anyone can help me that would be amazing.

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    okay do you have the PSO2 tweaker downloaded?

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    yes but i went through and downloaded all that stuff and signed up and registered but i cant even get onto the official website to download the actual game chrome is working real slow and I dont know what could be effecting it.

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    By any chance can your computer handle the game graphics?
    also to play the game many player need a VPN connection.

    My first advice is on the pso2 tweaker run and update pso2.
    First open PSO2 tweaker.
    then click on The Orb on the top left corner of the box.
    the drop down menu has a list of actions.
    go down and click on "Check for PSO2 updates"

    After the updates and all files are done downloading you should then check if the game works with the VPN connection.

    If it does not go back to the Orb on the top left Corner and run Trouble Shooting:

    Run; Analyze and install issue, Check for Deleted/empty files, Check for old/ missing files, Fix gamegaurd Errors, Fix Pso2 Exe.

    once done your game should work

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    But I can't even get on the actual site when I try to go to the official japan website to
    Download the game I can't even get on the site I select it then it loads really slow all I see
    Is a white screen then I get a thing saying website unable to load

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    you need to download the game on the tweaker

    the website needs a vpn connection,

    the game can be download off the website but needs a vpn connection which will be much slower.
    downloading it on the tweaker will help with speed.
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    ^That or just use a paid/free VPN and you won't need the use of any tweaker.
    Jack - Ship 2 - Killer Panda

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    i have the tweaker pulled up it says
    for me to redownload pso2 is it supposed to have that sheild looking thing on it?

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