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    Default Gran Water Source Annihilation mission S rank?(spoilers?)

    For one of Filidia's promise orders I need to S rank this mission, but for the life of me can't do it. I know I don't have to defeat the 146 and 126 spawns that it wants to you avoid but geez they get in the way. I have 10* armor with the best sword attack wise you can craft at the shop. Any advice for this?
    PSP2: Luneth Lv. 200, Vanguard 30

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    Use the attachments that let you heal when attacking, get your weapon to 40 element for whatever the stuff is weak too. Stack as much damage as you can in tree/other attachments.

    Spam a high level nova strike, it's cheap and strong. Stay away from the big guys.

    Or go Force and spam Gibarta.

    You can also just repeat other Fildia orders until you max her friendship and unlock the last mission for the best sword, which would make this order a bit easier.

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    Hmm, thanks for the input. I don't think I can do other quests to get her last quest to appear though can I? I have her at the best friend status(I've done every other person and beat every quest through the board) and it won't go.
    PSP2: Luneth Lv. 200, Vanguard 30

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    I did end up getting this a while ago for anyone looking to this for help. What I ended up doing was using two of the best sword I could craft. One at 40% ice and one at 40% fire. I put on attachments to increase damage output, swinging speed, the one that givesy ou back hp as you deal damage, and whichever I had left over. I maxed out my nova strike and used those for physical.
    I also crafted the best assault rifle and maxed out glory rain. It will take you to level both hunter and range to 100 to use both, but it really helps. I gave the gun 40% earth.

    Essentially when I beat it I would mostly use glory rain spam, then use the swords to pick off the enemies with the shields. I would summon my strongest captured gigantis usually when you beat the level 96 of the giant creatures and again when you first see the gigantis spawn. Most the time you are just going to have to hope you end up getting mortal blow when the gigantis is spawned. Just keep practicing and pray for good luck. hope this helps someone!
    PSP2: Luneth Lv. 200, Vanguard 30

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