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    Default My anti-virus suddenly doesn't like Tweaker

    So I have Avira, which has caused me more headaches than necessary with PSO but it's free and works fine with everything else so whatever. Except the game was playing just fine a few days ago, and then I installed the pre-patch yesterday morning to get it out of the way and then this morning I went to play but the game kept getting stuck and menu lists (like client orders) would take forever to load. And the game would occasionally get stuck while I was tunneling to a different block or to my room, or when I was exiting the Beauty Salon. It disconnected me three times. I figured something got screwed up with the prepatch so I did a missing files check and then went to reinstall my patches. The English Patch and the Large Files patch both installed fine, but when I try to install the Story Patch (new method), it gets to the part about downloading the Trans-Am Tool, and then an error box pops up, saying "ERROR-Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service" and my antivirus pops up sayin that the "pso2-transam.exe" file in my PSO2/Tweaker folder contains a virus or unwanted program called "TR/Rogue.1296896.1" was found and blocked.

    This has never happened to me before. Does anyone know what's up with this and how to fix it? I'm at work for the next 4 hours but I wanted to play after I got home, and so I would love to fix this before I get home.
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    Um, you could disable your antivirus while you patch and then turn it back on?

    If the problem shows up after you've disabled your antivirus, it could be more than just your antivirus.
    Also, you always have the option of switching to another antivirus.

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    Ditch Avira and get Avast or AVG (both free). I've used both with this game and have never had any issues so far.
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    Not supposed to install prepatch yet anyway.

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    Stop using shitty antivirus, and wtf are you doing -- you are not supposed to install the patch now, wait for maintenance.

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    All anti-virus programs will do more harm than good in their installed lifespan, it's their nature, you just need to learn how to you a white list.

    About 3 months ago, Avast decided that it no longer liked one of the DLL files of the toolbar in our software, so it quarantined it. Over 150 customer calls in 3 days just for something that wasn't even our fault

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