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    Exclamation PSO Ep. III C.A.R.D. Weekly Live Stream, Online Matchmaking and more!

    Hello everyone my name is CAPSULE (aka CPS). A little background on myself, I played PSO Ep. III online since day 1 at launch until the very last day the Sega servers went down. Was ranked top 16 on the US server, my last online rank was 11:KING. I also helped a private Ep. III server development team some years back as a tester and competitive / online play adviser when we were trying to fix Ep. III as much as possible.

    PSO Ep. III is probably my favorite game of all time, so as you can imagine when the Sega servers went down that was one of the saddest days in my life. In the past years I would play offline with a small group of close friends on Gamecube but with recent emulation improvements and new Ep. III developments (thanks to good friend Eyce!) we have been playing a bit more seriously via emulation net play features. I have been planning on live streaming and uploading more content for a while now but last year was really busy for me and it all got delayed for about a year. I am happy to say that the time for all this has finally come! I created social media pages dedicated to Ep. III and it's players as well as started a weekly live stream show called "C.A.R.D. Revo Weekly" which will air on Thursday nights around 7pm Pacific time. We plan to set up online matches, talk about cards, deck strategies and have special guests attend to talk more about further Ep. III development both offline and server related. The stream footage will also be uploaded to my youtube channel for future viewing. The future for Ep. III looks better than it ever has these the past years after the Sega servers went down and I feel the need to help hype up, spread the word and rebuild our Ep. III community.

    Feel free to follow, subscribe or join us in all the new Ep. III excitement at the links provided below in my signature.

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